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Overcoming Sales Objections #5: Posturing

Overcoming sales objections in network marketing is part of the game. Part of the fun. And you want to come from a position of power.

How do you do this?

Overcoming Sales Objections

We have already covered some objections to overcome. And now let’s talk about posturing.

When overcoming sales objections you want to come from a place of power. That is your posture.

Now you will definitely want to come across as welcoming. You want them to genuinely know how much it would mean for them to join your team. That is important.

But even more important is that they know that you are willing to walk away. And that you will.

This is not going to be the biggest loss of your day if they don’t decide right then and there to join up for your networking marketing opportunity. Your posture will give them the idea that it will actually be their loss and not yours.

Don’t be afraid to lose them. And how can you honestly do that? By knowing that your real role in making your business successful is to be out there recruiting others. And overcoming sales objections that they will bring up.

And think of the consequences of them joining up reluctantly. Because of pressure. Because of guilt. You will have someone on your team that is not going to be willing to pick up the ball and run with it.

What is the saying? You can’t play with aces if all you have is deuces. So look for the aces. Spend your time recruiting them and your life and business will be much better off. Seriously.

In overcoming sales objections, it is sometimes what is not said that becomes more important that what is said. And that is giving the impression that you are seriously able to walk away. And you just might.

I hope this helps you out on overcoming sales objections. I know it has helped me.

Let me know if you have any stories of your posturing that you would like to share in the comments below.

Take care and have a great week!


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Overcoming Sales Objections #3: I Have Tried This Before

Overcoming sales objections in network marketing will be the way you make your living. And grow your business. What happens when the prospect says “I have tried this before”?

Overcoming Sales Objections

When overcoming sales objections a lot of prospects have been down this road before. So you will need to bring up a few ideas if you are going to be successful. Try this approach and ask:

  1. Why is working with this one going to be any different?  Here you are going to be asking them to convince themselves of the right answer. And have them think it is their idea. It doesn’t get much better that that. You want them to start thinking seriously about the question.
  2. And why would this one be different?  The main difference is not the product or the opportunity. But it is you. If you have done a good job of having them know, like, and trust you, then they will come to the realization that you are the difference.
  3. Don’t compare. Your natural instinct will be to start listing off why your program and opportunity are so much better than what they have tried in the past. That may or may not be the truth. So don’t go there. It will only make you sound defensive. And even desperate.

Networking marketing is so common that almost anyone you talk with has already been pitched. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes not. So overcoming sales objections about previous experience can be tough. But you are the difference. Remember that.

I always want to leave the prospect with the idea of how great it would be to work with me. And if I have done my job in searching out the right people, that will not be a stretch.

Have a great network marketing week!


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Overcoming Sales Objections #1: I Don’t Have the Money

How do you overcome sales objections in network marketing? Perhaps the most common one is “I don’t have the money”. What do you say?

Overcoming Sales Objections

First of all in most network marketing opportunities, the cost of starting out is low. Very low when you compare it to most small businesses. So what are the chances that the prospect really does not have the money? Probably pretty small. So overcoming sales objections should not be too hard.

But in their mind, the investment is too much. This is where you start asking a few questions. Try these out:

  1. Are you trying to get in or get out? This will set the tone of the conversation. If the prospect really is trying to get out, let them. Save yourself and them a whole lot of time. Seriously. But make sure that is really their answer. If they are trying to get in, it is solution time. Help them out.
  2. Would the find money for this?  One recent recommendation that I heard makes a lot of sense to me. I show them the keys to my Lexus. I ask them if I offered it to them for $599 would they be able to find the money? You know their answer. Of course they would. Now am I really offering them this type of car for such a sweet deal? No way. But I am offering them the opportunity to earn enough money for their own Lexus. Where do they think mine came from? There are several variations on this question. But position it that you are offering something that is so much more valuable than what you are asking that they go for it. Right away.
  3. Let’s fix that problem. When overcoming sales objections, if they are always short of cash, let them know you can fix that. Not with a get-rich-quick scheme. But with a legitimate program where by working hard they can earn their way out. Give them hope. But emphasize the hard work aspect. Be truthful.

In overcoming sales objections, their will be more. But this one is a key hurdle to get over. Then you are on your way.

Make sense on overcoming sales objections? I hope so. Leave your comments below if you think it is something that would work for you.

Have a great week in your business!


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