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Twitter Profile Search

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Twitter profile search

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Twitter profile search is a simple and powerful way to find the people you are looking to connect with on Twitter.

Using the search bar at the top of your Twitter profile page or using search.twitter.com, you can search for keywords that would identify the right person.

After searching, you will see a list on the top left for:

  • Everything
  • People
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • News
  • Timeline

Go to the People tab and now you will see what you are looking for Twitter profile search. Review the list of people and their profiles to find the ones that are most likely to want to engage with you.

I recommend following these people and even re-tweeting and favoriting their messages to get on their radar.

And remember that you can save the search for the future.

Using Twitter profile search you can now start conversations with the right people and laser target your Twitter activities.

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