Top 10 Best Performing Litmus Emails of 2015

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What were your most successful email campaigns in 2015? And how do you measure that success?

Many marketers focus on open and click rates. While those metrics can be a great way to measure overall engagement, they don’t paint the whole picture of a campaign’s performance. Especially when different emails have different goals.

As 2015 draws to a close, we decided to take a look at our own campaigns and gauge which ones performed the best beyond the typical open and click rates (although we mention those, too). Hopefully our reflections will inspire you to look at your past campaigns, and start thinking about email success in a new light in 2016.


While a flawed and imperfect metric, open rates are still a good indicator of how engaged your audience is with your messages—are you sending emails they actually want to open? They are also a great indicator of how well your subject line, from name, and preview text are performing (all three w…

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