Top 10 Most Popular Email Clients of 2015

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As another year wraps up, email is still reminding us that nothing in this industry is boring, despite what some naysayers would like to have us think!


We tracked nearly 1 billion emails every month throughout 2015, measuring where and how your messages are opened around the world. While some things remained the same—the top three email clients in January were still the top three in November—there was some drama along the way.

iPhone, Gmail, and iPad remained the top 3 email clients all year
Android started off at #6 but rose to #4
Outlook dropped from #4 to #5

Mobile, webmail, and desktop trends

In the second half of 2015, opens made on mobile devices surged, going from 49% in June to 54% in November—a 10% increase. This matches trends we’ve seen in prior years where consumers are more likely to rely on portable devices going into the holiday season.

Webmail and desktop opens have also steadily declined throughout 2015, each drop…

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