Twitter BootCamp Day 1: How to set up your Twitter account the right way to attract leads

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Day 1:

Thanks for signing up for Twitter BootCamp!

First piece of equipment is a Twitter account. You may already have one (good job) but if not it is easy to set up. Check out this quick video for details on how to set it up the first time:

There are hundreds of millions of Twitter accounts. People are using Twitter for almost everything imaginable: talking to friends and family, getting the latest news; finding out what is popular, checking up on favorite celebrities, and of course seeing a cute kitten video now and then.

But what about setting up your Twitter account the right way to attract leads? Here are the 5 top proven ways to do it:

  1. Photos: You have two photos to include at the top of your profile, the large cover shot and your profile picture.For the cover shot you want something that will instantly give the visitor the idea that you are on Twitter for business. So no overly-personal images of your family, house (unless it is really, really cool), or pets. You don’t need your own image in the cover because you will have a separate photo of you. The cover shot should fit your business. If your audience is more casual, then use a colorful image. Maybe show a photo of your product if that is appropriate. If you want a more corporate look, you can check out PowerPoint templates and see if something fits.For your photo, always use an actual photo and not a logo or a product shot. People are attracted to people. Make it an inviting, smiling photo. Would you want to talk to the person in your photo?
  2. Profile copy:  The 160 character description is incredibly important. This is the first impression you will make, so make a good one. Put some thought into it.Ask yourself a few questions. What are your strengths? Why would someone want to work with you? What are your accomplishments?  Think of it as a very, very short resume. Be engaging and inviting. And as with your photos, think of your audience. If you are looking for individual online marketers, speak to them. If you want more corporate clients, make it a bit more professional. And never hesitate to switch it up.The other tip is to see what others are doing. Check out your online marketing heroes and see how they write their profile. The most successful ones probably have crafted something to follow.
  3. Link: You can put a link in your profile, but there is space for one underneath your text. I recommend only having one link, one call-to-action.If you are interested in attracting leads; my advice is not to put a link to a capture page. After all this is the first time someone is interacting with you. And just as in real life, you don’t start a conversation with a sales pitch. That will come later.Ideally, you want to develop an online conversation with the visitor. So include a link to either your Facebook fan page – if you have one – or to your blog. This is an invitation for people to get to know you better. And either of these links will go to a location where you have the opportunity to show more about yourself, your business, your products, and to basically learn more about you. This is part of the first impression someone is going to have of you, so make the best of it.
  4. Background color: In setting up your profile you will have the opportunity to change the background color of your profile. Make a wise choice.You want to make a professional, business-like impression. So don’t choose any crazy colors. Unless that is the impression you are looking for. There are many basic colors to choose from so I recommend being conservative. Try a few out and see if it looks good with your images.But the reason this is important is that the colors you select will show up when someone sends you a message. Some colors are going to come across as very light and hard to read, so avoid them. Instead, choose a darker color.
  5. Location: Twitter also gives you the option to add a location to your profile. This can work to your advantage in attracting leads.I recommend using a very specific location. Chances are you live in an interesting place. So let people know. First it gives people the impression that they are talking to a real person in a real place and not just a company. And secondly, it can be a conversation-starter. People can ask you about where you are as a way to keep a conversation going. And you are going to be using the same technique in our further training in the Twitter BootCamp.

I hope this provides you with some insight on how to set up your Twitter profile to attract leads.

Daily Assignment 1:

Your first assignment in Twitter BootCamp is to:

  1. Find 5 profiles that you think are the best in attracting leads. Follow those people – they probably know what they are doing and you want to always be learning. Then post the five Twitter names in the comments below.
  2. Review your Twitter profile – or set it up if you haven’t yet. Set it up following these recommendations. Then post your Twitter name in the comments below for everyone to review.

That is Day 1 of Twitter BootCamp. Not too tough yet is it?  And watch for the Day 2 email showing up tomorrow where I will cover how to quickly find prospects on Twitter.

Thanks for going through Twitter BootCamp. I know it will put you on the path to success!

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