Twitter BootCamp Day 2 – Where to quickly and easily identify real prospects

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Day 2:

TBC Day 1

Welcome back to Day 2 of Twitter BootCamp!

Now that you have completed the Day 1 assignment and have a profile that will be attracting leads, it is time to move on to the next step – finding out where to quickly find real prospects.

With the hundreds of millions of Twitter users it takes a few different strategies to identify the real prospects.  Here are my 5 steps:

  1. Determine your audience: If you are already in business you have a good idea of someone who is the ideal lead. But to increase the efficiency of your Twitter time first put some thought into who you would like to be talking with online. Be very specific and write out three potential candidates that you like to find. You want more than one because if you are too limiting your search may not come up with anyone. And if you have a long list, you will be spending too much time in your search. So start out with three. Think about things such as age, gender, location, level of experience, interests, and occupation.
  2. Keywords: Now that you have your target in mind come up with a list of keywords that could be used to find them. It is time to be creative. For each of your three identified targets come up with a list of 50 potential keywords.  Yes, 50. That seems like a lot at first, but it will get your mind moving. And this is BootCamp after all. With this large of a list, you don’t have to worry about coming up with the exact few keywords right off. Once you have taken the time to make your keyword list, start cutting it down to the top 10 for each one. This is where you will concentrate. Make sure the keywords – or short phrases – really target the people you want to find.
  3. Twitter Search: Now that you have three targets and the top 10 keywords for each you can use search. There are two basic options to use: the search bar and the more advanced site at Using the search bar is the best place to start. This is at the top of your page. Remember to use quotation marks for exact matching. For more extensive searching use Get familiar with all of the option presented. This will be one of your best tools to use. The search results – for either search bar or – will come with several options. The most important are for messages and for people.  For messages you can see conversations that include the keywords you selected. This is a great way to find people talking about the right things. For people you can search profiles which will identify those people who are positioning themselves in the area of interest.
  4. Followers of others like you: One of the really great features on Twitter is the ability to see who is following someone else. If it is a huge account with tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers, it can be a tremendous resource. Identify people like you. Is there someone doing similar things on Twitter? I will bet there are plenty. Check out their followers and start following them. And go for your idols on Twitter. If someone is following someone you look up to there is a chance you are interested in the same things. There are tools to help this process and I will be covering those in Day 4 of Twitter BootCamp.
  5. Search off Twitter: Just as you can search on Twitter, you can also use Google or other search engines to find the right people.Use your keywords. And as an example, search for “who is interested in KEYWORD”.  Find their blog or other work online. There is a really good chance there is going to be Twitter icon inviting everyone to follow them on Twitter. Use it. Facebook and other social media platforms can also be useful. Many people list their Twitter account in their social media profile. And all platforms have search capability. Use it too.

With these guidelines you will be able to find people who can be potential prospects for you to use on your quest for building your business on Twitter.

Daily Assignment 2:

Your next assignment in Twitter BootCamp is to:

  1. Using Twitter search capability, identify 20 people that you would like to target in your Twitter program.
  2. Using search off of Twitter, find 5 people that you would like to target. Keep the names to yourself for now; but post in the comments below that you have your list of 25.  You will using these names in your next daily assignment.

That is Day 2 of Twitter BootCamp. Keeping up?  Tomorrow I will cover what to do with these contacts in the next video of Twitter BootCamp.

Thanks for going through Twitter BootCamp. I know it that this proven system worked for me. And it will for you as well!

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