Twitter BootCamp Day 4 – How to master the top 5 tools for Twitter

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Day 4

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Congratulations, you are making great progress in Twitter BootCamp.  You have a good looking profile, you know how to find the right people, and how to start a real conversation. Now I want to review the top 5 Twitter tools that can help you build your business.

There are many online tools available that support Twitter activity. Some cost money and others are free. I recommend starting out with the free or inexpensive tools to save your money for Day 5 of Twitter BootCamp when we review Twitter advertising.

Here are my top 5 Twitter Tools:

  1. is a free and paid service. There are many features available to manage your account.  I use Tweepi mostly to manage the number of people I follow and to find new followers. For example, to create a more engaged audience on Twitter, I will use the service to identify anyone I follow who have not been active for over a month and remove them. I will also use Tweepi to find additional target, qualified prospects by using the “follow the followers’ tool.  There are other features as well as a paid program which offers more flexibility. Because Twitter puts restrictions on the ratio of followers to fans, Tweepi can be very valuable when you reach a limit and need to unload some of the accounts you follow to make room for more.
  2. Similar to, Socialoomph provides various features that can be used to manage your Twitter accounts. One feature that many people are using is the ability to automatically set up replies when someone follows your Twitter account. You will see these messages appear in your Direct Message box and will usually say something about thanks you for following with a link to a Facebook page or elsewhere. There are mixed reviews on whether this is a good idea or not; but it could be a good way to easily and effortlessly build engagement.  This automated messaging however, is not a free service but the cost is relatively small.
  3. Hootsuite Hootsuite is one of the most powerful Twitter management platforms. They give you the ability to do almost everything once your account is set up. On the free plan you can manage up to 5 different social media accounts. You can schedule Tweets – on of my favorite features – as well as check up on your followers and those who are following you. That way you don’t miss out following someone who follows you.  The metrics are good too, giving you all kinds of information on how your messages are being received. I would recommend everyone use this system as a way to handle your Twitter accounts. And add in other social media accounts as well to see the whole picture.
  4. Flutter-app Flutter-app is a newer program that can be very valuable in finding people on Twitter. It is fairly new and they are adding in new features all the time. So if it seems too simple at first, I recommend that you learn it and use it. Flutter is set up to search the followers of other accounts and based on various data it will recommend people to follow. I have found it to be very valuable, after testing out a few different types of accounts. They are all productive for me. And then it also gives you the ability to un-follow people who are not following you back. This is a good way to have a more engaged audience. However, it is not a free service; but there is a free trial to see if it is something that works for you.
  5. Warble Alerts Because you are always  going to be on the lookout for targeted, engaged followers, you can use the alerts from Warble to get a daily email giving you a list of those people talking about the keywords you created in Day 2 of Twitter BootCamp. Warble may seem just like another search tool that you can do on your own. And to some degree that is true. But it is helpful to have a daily email covering your search terms. I receive several emails at 5:20 each day. I use these to go out and follow people of interest. So far the results have been very encouraging. There are more advanced features as well, where you can limit results to make it more useful. For example you can eliminate re-tweets which makes the list in the email shorter and more efficient.

These are my top 5 Twitter tools for you to start using. There are many others out there – some free and some that cost money – but this is the way to begin.

Daily Assignment 4:

Your next assignment is to:

  1. Set up an account with each of these 5 Top Twitter Tools
  2. Use each one and report back in the comments below which of the tools was most helpful to you and why.

Congratulations on making it this far in Twitter BootCamp. You have a great looking profile, know who you want to reach, know how to find them and most importantly how to start a conversation. And you have 5 great tools to help you build your business on Twitter.

Watch for the email for the last day of Twitter BootCamp where you will get an overview of Twitter pay-per-click advertising. Advertising to reach the right audience can really expand your Twitter reach – to the right people.

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