Twitter BootCamp Day 5 – The basics of Twitter PPC advertising

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Day 5

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Congratulations! You are on the final day of Twitter BootCamp. I know that if you follow these recommendations your online business will be booming. It has worked for me and I know it can do the same for you.

Today I am going to cover the basics of Twitter Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC).

What is Pay-Per-Click advertising?

Chances are you are already familiar with this type of program on other social media platforms and on Google with Google AdWords. The basic concept is that you supple keywords and when someone is searching for them, or talking about them, your ad will appear. Then you are charged only when someone actually clicks on your link.

But fewer people are using it on Twitter and that is great news. The costs can be lower and you have a better chance of standing out. Get in before everyone discovers how good it really is!

Here are the steps to getting your account set up:

  1. Go to the small gear symbol at the top of your Twitter page.  In the drop down you will see a listing for “Twitter Ads”. Click that.
  2. You will select a country and time zone. These are permanent and cannot be changed.
  3. Then select the type of campaign from the list of
    1. Promoted Tweets
    2. Followers Campaign (Promoted Account), or
    3. App Installs or App Engagement
      You want to select the first one, and can add other campaigns in the future
  4. Next you will set up the campaign:
    1. Campaign Name – make it description for future reference
    2. Start – start it immediately
    3. Targeting – here you can select keywords, television, interests and followers, or tailored audiences – select keywords
    4. Keywords – now you can use your keyword list from Day 2 of Twitter BootCamp (I told you this was going to come in handy). You will see a few options:  Broad match, any order, Phrase match – start here, Broad match, any order, Negative match, Negative phrase.
    5. Twitter will now give you options to expand your reach. Start out simple and build up over time.
    6. Choose locations – you can select countries or more local locations if that works for your audience. Because Twitter is international you will want to make sure you limit your reach to improve your response.
    7. Where do you want Tweets to appear? You can include user’s timelines or search results and should select both.
    8. Select devices – you can limit the reach to ios or android but this is unlikely to make any difference for your ads right now. Your audience is most likely going to be mobile, but it doesn’t hurt to select all options.
    9. Select gender and language – if this makes sense for your particular audience
    10. Exclude list audience – this allows you to exclude any of your current customers from seeing your ads; but unless you have a large list this is not going to be an issue at first.
    11. Now select existing Tweets to promote. This is a good way to go if you have a message that covers what you want to advertise. You can also create a new Tweet as well. Remember that this is a promoted Tweet campaign. And you have the option for Twitter to automatically promote the most engaging message you have sent.
    12. Set your budget. Keep it small starting out. You will be able to change this later as well if things are going well. You have to set a daily maximum and that is a good thing. You can also set a maximum amount you want to spend per engagement. Be conservative here as well until you get going.

Now you are ready to launch your first campaign!

You will also have to enter a credit card for payment and for your first campaign Twitter has to give their approval. So leave time for that.

Twitter PPC advertising provides many features I haven’t mentioned in this basic overview. I recommend that you launch your first campaign, check it often, learn from your results, and see what works for you.

The other great feature of Twitter PPC advertising is that you now have access to all kinds of reporting on your account – even on messages that you are not promoting.

Daily Assignment 5:

Your last assignment in Twitter BootCamp is to:

  1. Set up your first promoted message campaign
  2. Report below in the comments your results – not in detail but your overall impression and how you think it can work for you



You have now completed your Twitter BootCamp! Not as tough as you thought, right? If you have followed these assignments you are on your way to build your online business to an entirely new level.

I hope you have received value from this course. If so, leave comments below and go to my Facebook page at: and let others know how this helped you out.

If you want to recommend Twitter BootCamp to others just share this link using email, social media, even on your own blog. And of course, send a Twitter message!

Thanks for your time. I know this program works. It has turned my online business around. And I know you can do it too!

See you on Twitter!

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