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Facebook re-targeting is getting more and more attention. And for good reason. For a smaller advertiser, it is one of the best ways possible to reach an extremely targeted audience. This audience is less expensive. The response will be off-the-charts. Why? Because they already know you.

You see remarketing everywhere. Because it works. And it is the future.

Twitter remarketing

But what about Twitter remarketing? Can that work as well?

First of all consider how Twitter PPC advertising works. It is very similar to Facebook PPC:Twitter Remarketing

  1. You create a Tweet or use and existing one and put it out in front of an audience based on certain criteria. Does this sound familiar? You can even use ‘dark Tweets’ that are similar to ‘dark posts’ on Facebook. These are messages that do not appear in your news feed. So your fans don’t see many almost duplicate posts.
  2. Audience for Twitter PPC advertising can be based on many things – location, interest, messages, etc.
  3. And now it can be based on a remarketing pixel – and this is Twitter remarketing.

Just like with Facebook you create a remarketing pixel on Twitter and start putting it on your web pages. And on your blogs. In fact anywhere you can put a Facebook tracking pixel, you can also put a Twitter tracking pixel leading you to effective Twitter remarketing.

People who visit these places online with the pixel will be “tagged” so when they return to Twitter they will see your ad. How amazing is that?

The really good news about Twitter is that people spend a lot of time there. And they keep coming back multiple times a day. Probably just like you. And me.

And as with Facebook, you can then see the performance of the ad. Then you will make adjustments to maximize ROI of your Twitter remarketing advertising program.

THE BEST PART of using Twitter remarketing? Not many people are doing it. So you will stand out from the crowd.

One important point to make about Twitter remarketing. Make sure you have clearly stated privacy policy guidelines that let people know they are being targeted and how they can opt out– or risk getting booted from Twitter remarketing.

Learn what works on Facebook and then you can use that knowledge on Twitter.  This adds more value in your initial advertising spending on Facebook, and on Twitter. Maybe you will learn things on Twitter remarketing that can be applied to Facebook as well.

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