Web Design vs. Analytics: 5 Little Web Design Decisions That Cause Big Analytics Problems

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Some websites work well with Google Analytics. Some don’t.

During the web design process, hundreds of decisions are made. Some of these decisions affect marketing far into the future. Some little web design decisions have a big impact on how you use Analytics.

Are goals and conversions easy to track?
Is the performance of content easy to measure?
Can new tracking tools be added easily?

Here is a checklist of ways in which web design decisions can help or hurt your Analytics.

1. The Thank You

Web Design Question: What happens after someone completes a form, becoming a lead? How does the website say thank you?

Analytics Impact: Goal Tracking

Some websites don’t take the visitor to a thank you page. Instead, they show a little thank you message on the same page. This makes tracking goals more difficult.

A “destination goal” is a type of conversion in Analytics. It measures when a visitor reaches a goal URL; typically a thank you page….

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