What Is A Capture Page?

What is a capture page and why is it important? If you have been in network marketing, you probably have set up a capture page. It is the best way to get someone to send you their contact information – usually their email address.  But in more detail, what is it?

What Is A Capture Page?

  • what is a capture pageA capture page is an online form that provides something of value in exchange for valuable, personal, actionable, marketing information. As a marketer, you need to have a way to promote your products and services. And with an email address you job has just gotten a lot easier.
  • A capture page has a single message, single call out. It will be clear for the reader what it is that you are offering in exchange for their personal information.
  • The best capture pages are easily understood – in 5 seconds or less. The attention span online dwindles daily. Do not think the viewer is going to take much time trying to figure it all out. So make it easy for them. This will make it easier when thinking about what is a capture page.
  • You need a compelling headline – benefit rich. This is how you get the message across very quickly.
  • A capture page hits the hot buttons of the reader. If they want leads, you should be offering how to generate leads. If they want to sponsor more reps, then you should offer how to accomplish that. The story here is that you really need to know your audience.
  • At the top of a good capture page, the message calls them out so they know they are in the right place. Just start with the word “ATTENTION” and follow it up by who it is you want to attract. This one is simple.
  • Everything on a good capture page is above the fold – no one scrolls anymore. Even on their phone.
  • Include social proof if possible on your capture page. People want to know that they are not the first person you have attracted. Give them a reason to listen to you.
  • Your capture page should have very limited navigation. Ditch the buttons to social media. Do not give people a reason to think about it or learn more. Ask them for what you want.
  • Most good capture pages have limited form fields – ask less and get more. Of course you will want to be testing this out. But the longer the form, the lower your conversion rate. Guaranteed. Does this make sense when asking what is a capture page?
  • Test using video on your capture page. If you do use video, make it of yourself. And keep it brief – no more than 2 minutes at the most.

Does this help answer the question “What is a capture page?”  And is there any perfect model to follow? The real answer is to start testing. And any good capture page platform will allow for all kinds of testing. So you will know what works with your audience.

If you have any questions or comments, contact me.  And if you have a capture page you would like to have checked out, leave me a link below and I will let you know what I think. I am always good for an opinion. And now you hopefully have a better idea of the answer to the question: what is a capture page?

Take care and have a great week!


PS: Here is a great lead generation program that I use that has a built-in capture page platform – and a whole lot more: http://bit.ly/1xvZmhi

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