What is Split Testing and Why Is It Important?

Are you a numbers person? If so you already know what split testing is. And why is it important.

But even if you avoid numbers this is a skill to master.What Is Split Testing

When someone asks me what is split testing, I always tell them that this is the only way you can learn from your program. And continually make improvements. These improvements can increase your ROI for the money spent.

What is split testing?

But here are the basics of split testing:

  1. 2 Things at A Time: You want to be able to measure two different presentations to an audience to see what works the best. Simplest example is two subject lines in an email campaign.
  2. Measure Anything: You can measure almost anything in advertising:
    1. Copy
    2. Length
    3. Images
    4. Video
    5. Call to action
    6. Subject lines
    7. Format
    8. Graphics
    9. Colors
    10. Branding
  3. Test the Right Things: Only test things that will give you information you can use – never just test for testing’s sake. If you decide to test two things because you are indecisive about what you are creating – this is not what is split testing.
  4. Have a long term strategy: Ask yourself what do you want to learn? This is related to #3. With a well thought-out program the question of what is split testing answers itself. Because you will already know what you want to learn. And what it will allow you to do in the future.
  5. Metrics: Break things down so you can get usable metrics.  For example with Facebook ads you want only one ad per Ad Group. With this type of split testing you can then turn off the ads that aren’t working.
  6. Continuity: Never stop testing – always try to beat what you have. Now to me this is the fun part. Once you have determined what works. When you are thinking about what is split testing you want to do it again. And again.
  7. Platform: Use a good platform that is set up for testing. Almost any program you use will be set up that way. But if you can’t get the metrics, your split testing program just won’t work.
  8. Get Creative: Use your imagination on what to test. You will be amazed at what might impact the results.

So does this help answer the question: what is split testing? This is the fun part of marketing. And doing it online is incredible compared to off-line. The metrics online are fast and reliable.

Think about it. What is the life of an email? Of a FB Ad? Of a Tweet? They are out in the real world such a short time that your metrics will come in fast. And so you can learn even more.

Be organized in your reporting. Excel works fine. Set up a testing template and use it.

Good luck with the numbers. And let me know if you need any help.


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