Why Email Marketing – 10 Reasons to Build Your Email List

Why email marketing is important to your network marketing business. Always build your list. We hear that all the time. But why? What are the benefits:

Why Email Marketing – 10 Reasons to Build Your Email List

  1.  Make Money.  A list can be a long-term source of income. Even starting out, with only a few names and email addresses, you can start to make money promoting your products and services. The more targeted your list, the more productive it will be. But you can be creative in presenting all kinds of offers as you build your list.
  2. Build Authority.  Sending out emails will give you credibility as someone who is serious about network and affiliate marketing. Your email program establishes you as a real person, with a real business – and not someone doing this part time out of your basement.
  3. Content. When you establish a regular series of emails – whether they are part of your autoresponder program or broadcast emails – you will have to come up with content. It can be the same content as you put on your blog, or on social media. But because you have a schedule to meet it will require you to always be creating content. And that is a good thing.
  4. Build Personality. Video is by far the most efficient way to build your online personality. Chances are you have already figured this out. But your emails can also be valuable in letting your audience know more about yourself. Your tone, your language, will show your personality.
  5. Develop Audiences. Your email audience is already interested in what you have to say. Or they wouldn’t have subscribed in the first place, right? Use email to introduce your following to your other social media and blogging platforms. The best thing is that these emails are value driven, not sales driven. So your content will be more acceptable.
  6. Last Forever. You will own your email list. You can use it how you want, without anyone else giving you parameters and guidelines. Or ever be able to take it away. Think of how YouTube, Facebook, well, all of social media, is built on someone else’s platform. They have your content and your audience. So you have to play by their rules. Or get bounced. That won’t happen with your email list.
  7. Testing. This is one of the best features of all of having a great email list. You can test offers, messages, creatives, etc. to see what gets the best response from your audience. This will always improve your emails but it is also useful for your messaging and content across all distribution channels.
  8. Permission Based.  Remember that these people offered up their email address. They requested to get further information. They aren’t just seeing an unsolicited advertisement in their new feed. That is a huge advantage. Just think of it again: they asked to hear your message. How amazing is that?
  9. Establishes Dialog. Unlike many other forms of communication, a well crafted email program establishes a dialog between you and your audience. You control what you say, how you say it, and how often you say it. And once a receptive audience starts receiving your messages, they should want more.
  10. Make Money. Oh yeah, that was the first one. But it bears repeating. Your list is golden. Not only right now but for a long time in the future. Use it wisely.

I have probably sent out over a billion emails, seriously. So I know it works for me. And I know it can for you as well.

If you want to see my email program in action, subscribe. There is an opt-in box on this page and at the top. Sign up and see how I put this plan into action.

Thanks and have fun building that list!


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