Why Should I Use Twitter? – My 11 Top Reasons

why should I use twitterI am helping others build their business online using social media, but I get the questions a lot, “Why should I use Twitter?”

Here are my top 11 reasons to answer that question: “Why Should I Use Twitter?”

  1. Twitter is one of the most engaging forms of social media. Of all the social media options out here, Twitter is one of the most engaging because of the format of multiple small messages instead of fewer longer posts. People are responding to Tweets and you can have a lot more of them.
  2. Twitter is fast.  All of social media can be thought of as being very quick. But Twitter is the top in the field. You can just look at your feed on your Twitter home page and see the speed the messages appear. And then disappear. It just doesn’t happen that quickly on Facebook.
  3. Twitter has one of the largest audiences. Why should I use Twitter? Because there are literally hundreds of millions of Twitter users. One of the latest numbers I saw was 243 million world wide. And a big proportion of those are in the US. Facebook is bigger but it is hard to say that you won’t be able to find an audience on Twitter.
  4. You can easily identify and start conversations with targeted individuals.  Twitter makes it easy to find people, engage, and have real conversations. And most importantly, you can qualify those people. That way you will be spending your social media time with the people you want to be connected with.
  5. Fewer rules on Twitter than Facebook.  Why should I use Twitter? A big reason is because Facebook has a lot of rules. Some written. And some that cannot be found anywhere. If you run afoul of those rules you can be put into Facebook Jail and even banned. But if you use Twitter in moderation, it is extremely unlikely that you will be bounced off the service. Automation however is one of the best ways to cross those boundaries.
  6. You can connect on other social media platforms.  Once you connect on Twitter, you can usually find the same people on other social media for further engagement. So if you find that Twitter is limiting because of the 140 character limit, take the conversation over to Facebook or Google Plus and go to town.
  7. Twitter can lead to that all-important phone call or Skype conversation.  If you are in network or online marketing, your business is really done on the phone. People don’t typically make a purchase from a social media link. They will need to get to know, like, and trust you. That is done on the phone. But Twitter can make that phone conversation possible. And with a much higher chance of conversion.
  8. It suits your audience.  Why should I use Twitter can be answered if you have the right audience. Think of Instagram, or Pinterest. Is that your audience? Maybe not. But Twitter has such a wide variety of people who use it, there is a very high chance you can find your audience here.
  9. The connections are more “disposable”.  Now I do not mean that people on Twitter are not genuine. Or that they are not as valuable as on other social media platforms. But for me I don’t have much hesitation to follow someone. But I do hesitate when requesting friendship on Facebook. It just means something different there. You can also easily un-follow very easily on Twitter.  This makes for an easy answer as to why should I use Twitter.
  10. You can search for conversations.  Have you tried to search for conversations on Facebook? To see who is talking about you, your product, or your lifestyle? It is not possible. But on Twitter it is very easy to do.
  11. The 140 character limit makes you think.  Sometimes the 140 character limit is , well let’s say, limiting. But on the flip side it makes you be more direct, more concise in what you are saying. It can almost be like a puzzle to make it fit and still get the message across. On a Facebook post you can go on and on. And that is not always a good thing.

Have I sold you? Do you know know the answer to the question, “Why should I use Twitter?” I hope so. I have learned how to use Twitter for my business and I know you can too.

Have fun in Twitterland, and have a great week.


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