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Are you looking for a YouTube Intro Maker? You have a few different options but I have had the best luck on

There are a few creative options. When I was working at Warner Bros. Entertainment we would spend an amazing amount to get small videos created. But of course they looked truly incredible.

YouTube Intro Maker

But now everyone has the option to find a professional YouTube video maker for a lot less. I use And here is an amazing introduction that I had created for only $5:

If this looks good to you and you are interested in connecting with this YouTube intro maker just send me a quick message and I will put you in touch. And I don’t get a share of the $5 – I just wanted to pass along this opportunity.

I have had great luck on for my projects. Not everyone has the same experience. But you cannot beat the price.

Have fun being creative!

PS: And if you are doing YouTube videos and want the best training available, click here to check out Mark Harbert’s course

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